Thursday, August 2, 2007

second chance act(s)

people have been asking me lately about the status of the "second chance act" for ex-felons. i confess to a bit of confusion. as i understand it, however, there are currently two "second chance acts" before congress.

representative danny davis' (d-il) "second chance act of 2007" (hr 1593) would reauthorize the grant program for reentry of offenders into the community in the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, to improve reentry planning and implementation, and for other purposes. this bill would provide funds for reentry programming and research.

representative charles rangel's (d-ny) "second second chance act" (hr 623) would permit expungement of records of certain nonviolent criminal offenses. expungement is a simple idea, but it has been extremely time- and resource-intensive in practice. hr 623 would make it easier for non-violent first offenders who have served their time to clear their names without expensive legal assistance. expungement would reinstate civil rights, expanding opportunities for housing, education, employment and voting.

i'm interested in both second chance acts as a citizen and as a researcher. what are their chances?

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