Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good dogs and bad dawgs

the seattle times continues its series on "victory and ruins" -- providing an in-depth look into the criminal histories and lenient treatments of players on the university of washington's football team from 2000. the bad dawgs profiled so far are star tight end, jerramy stevens; "key" linebacker, jeremiah pharms; and starting safety, curtis williams. williams' story is a tragic one for many reasons, but husky fans will never forget the hit against stanford that left him paralyzed from the neck down. williams died 18 months later just after his 24th birthday.

the series by the seattle times is an important one, but it's also discouraging. to counter the discouragement, i found a happier dog story that still involves football and crime, but offers a little more hope, at least for some of the victims. more than four dozen pit bull dogs were rescued from michael vick's bad newz kennels. fortunately for these mistreated canines, the justice department wanted to give the dogs a second chance. the court appointed a guardian and special master, and as part of his plea bargain, vick agreed to pay for the dogs' care. each dog was evaluated individually and most went into foster care to be socialized and given the chance at a better life. some will even train to become therapy dogs. it's a happy ending to a sad case.

the dog in the picture is my own dog, talah, adopted from the humane society in may 2005.

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