Saturday, January 19, 2008

tom johnson

friend and collaborator tom johnson has announced that he is stepping down as president of the council on crime and justice.

i've worked closely with the council in recent years, as we share the same vision of engaged scholarship and public criminology. tom's resignation letter well expresses this vision: (1) "to shed a brighter, more informed light on the causes and consequences of crime and violence" and, importantly, (2) to "enhance public safety by bringing about a more just society."

the strib is marking this transition with an op-ed this morning, praising tom as "a tireless advocate for the disenfranchised and a passionate community leader." the former minneapolis city council member and county attorney will return to private practice with gray, plant, and mooty this march. fortunately, the new council president will enter with a terrific team in place, including a first-rate research staff.

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