Friday, January 25, 2008

yer deadbolt won't protect you

i've done little blogging about the kids lately, so i thought i'd share these pics of the enormous nonconformist's recent home improvement project.

see, our garage door keypad froze solid in the subzero temps of the recent cold snap. when tor got off the school bus last week -- without coat, hat, or gloves, of course -- he found himself locked out at -5 fahrenheit. so, he walked around the perimeter of our well-secured house, searching for an opening.

finding no opening, the lad tried the steel side door on the garage, shown above with the security system sticker and deadbolt. when he gave the door a good shove, the deadbolt held firm. unfortunately, the door's frame quickly splintered into kindling, as shown in the first picture.

needless to say, hanging the new door will serve as a perfect father-son weekend bonding activity. since he didn't actually do anything wrong here (better to break in than to freeze to death, i suppose), i won't ask him to chip in for the new door. nevertheless, i'm not a complete pushover. that fist-sized hole in the drywall that mysteriously appeared after sunday's packers-giants game? that's an altogether different matter.

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