Saturday, February 2, 2008

on resilience

here is another great story, this one from the new york times, about the efforts being made to rehabilitate michael vick's dogs. vick agreed to pay nearly a million dollars for the evaluation and lifetime care of the 47 pit bulls rescued from his property. the dogs bear the scars of abuse and very tough lives, but only one had to be euthanized for aggression against humans.

for the rest, there is hope of rehabilitation, resocialization and possibly adoption into well-trained and carefully screened families. those dogs deemed unfit for adoption will live the rest of their natural lives in sanctuaries, with efforts made to offer them comfort and happiness. one of their caretakers explained: “These dogs have been beaten and starved and tortured, and they have every reason not to trust us,” Mr. Garcia said as Georgia crawled onto his lap, melted into him for an afternoon nap and began to snore. “But deep down, they love us and still want to be with us. It is amazing how resilient they are.”

i can't help but be reminded that people are resilient, too. in my interactions with serious delinquents and incarcerated felons, it is all too clear that many of them suffered extreme abuse as children. they survived, were caged, and yet most still hold hope for a better future. i'm glad to see michael vick's dogs getting a second chance. i hope we can offer our fellow humans the same consideration.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I have been following the blog for a little while now. I actually started my own a few months ago too! I have always thought it to be interesting how our culture often places the needs and concerns of animals and pets above the treatment of their own fellow humans. Not that I am against pets, but it is odd to me that people treat animals nicer than humans in certain situations.