Tuesday, February 12, 2008

second chance day on the hill -- wednesday 2/13

second chance day on the hill is bringing people to the minnesota state capitol to talk about reintegration of those with criminal records. the core principle of the organizers is that "punishment should have a beginning and an end," which might have been taken straight from beccaria (1767).

i'm not speaking, but i'll try to sneak off to catch the presentations from 11-12. if locals are interested, here's the agenda:

11:00am Dan Cain, President, RS Eden, Introduction and Purpose
11:05am Bob Johnson, Anoka County Attorney, collateral sanctions and recommendations/public safety
11:10am Les Green, Professor, St. Cloud State, Landscape of Barriers/collateral sanctions/Racial Disparity
11:15am John Poupart, Executive Director, American Indian Policy Center, Diminished opportunities/Racial Disparity
11:20am Sue Watlov-Phillips, Executive Director, Elim Transitional Housing, Inc, Impact on Homelessness
11:25am Charles Jensen, Board of Directors, Barbara Schneider Foundation, Mental Illness/Justice System
11:30am Guy Gambill, Community Organizer, Veteran’s experience
11:35am Andre Corbett, Employment Support Consultant, Goodwill/Easter Seals MN, Personal story/challenges
11:40am Kissy Mason, Community Worker, Council on Crime and Justice, Personal story/challenges/generational impact
11:45am Julianne Ortman, MN State Senator Importance of fresh start/expungement/certificate
11:50am Michael Paymar, MN State Representative, Legislative progress and future
11:55am Dan Cain, President, RS Eden, Closing remarks/challenges remaining
12:00pm – 1:00pm Individual meetings with Legislators

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